ipromotionFrom our perspective, promotion is a set of activities to get your message in front of your a potentials when they are looking for your product and services. We plan and execute advertising campaigns for all kind of business, multi-industry, multi-region, multi-language…segmentation and targeting are our specialities in order to get te most of your money.
Take advantage of our creative and technical skills to enable a measurable high return on advertising spends, through and accurate segmentation and precise channel selection.

Social media

social-media-managementPeople creates, share, exchange information, opinions and ideas in online communities, through a near real time data flows. You can interact with your audiences -at low cost- to get a valuable feedback directly from your public. Social media enables a direct talk with your targets, even to sound out future actions and products.
A well defined strategy enables info exchanges, reputation management channels, optimizing time-to-market, promotion and campaign tracking. If you are all at sea with social media we help you to focus your efforts in the right direction.

Markets and technologies tracking services

market-tracking-servicesTracking news is a key factor of competitive intelligence gathering. It keeps you informed about breaking movements and relevant events that occurs in your business environment. Our tracking services includes clippings, social monitoring, reports and digest fitted to a precise targeting, depending on your needs. Fresh and precise info to optimize decisions, time spents and productivity.